The Big Hunt For Adsense Keywords Starts Now!

The Big Hunt For Adsense Keywords Starts Now!

Adsense keywords that are low in competition and high in profit are the ones that will make you rich! But, the question is how to find such keywords?

Well, here are 6 steps that will help provide you with some great Adsense keywords. It worked for me. See if it works for you.

Steps To Find Adsense Keywords

Search for keywords related to your topic that feature a high cost per click (CPC). For this, you need to use Google AdWords keyword tool.
Make a list of such keywords and save them. Copy and paste them into Traffic Estimator of Google. This tool will calculate the clicks per day as well as average CPC for each keyword. Save this information.
Multiply this average CPC value by 30 percent. You can estimate how much you earn per click. The higher the value of CPC, the more its chances to rank between 2nd and 8th positions. You must strive to get higher average CPC right from the beginning. This is because if cost per click value begins to fall off after the 3rd position, you lose the chance of earning a high amount per click.
Theres a tool called Ad word Accelerator that calculates CPC for every position. It lets you review how much the cost per click reduces after the 1st position. This information helps you to select the most lucrative Adsense keywords.
After this, you need to know which Adsense ads are placed in what positions. Type your keyword in Google and see which ads are displayed in the search results, along with their order.
Compare the Adsense ads that you found at the site If you find that advertisers closely match the ads that you found, youve higher chances of getting lucrative Adsense keywords.
In case the advertisers are different, its possible that they are not utilizing AdWords for Content advertising mode in their campaigns. This implies that the ads are not on the basis of keywords and might not be that profitable.

Nows the time to get traffic. You can do this by two ways using AdWords approach, or using SEO techniques. If you use the former, utilize the keywords that scored higher. After that, use lower CPC keywords in your ads. The difference you get between your income from the click on ads and CPC you pay on AdWords is your profit.

If you plan to use the SEO method, ensure that your Adsense keywords have the maximum KEI, which is the ratio of the number of keyword searches to the number of sites using the keyword. Your profit depends on a combination of maximum KEI and high score of keywords.

Its more like playing a game of numbers. Ready to hunt for Adsense keywords?

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