The Essential Components Of Web 2.0 Development

The Essential Components Of Web 2.0 Development

Web 2.0 development can be best defined as the second-generation of internet-based services. This new generation is much more advanced and innovative in comparison to the earlier generation of web 1.0 based online services. Some of the basic components of the new form of the World Wide Web include the development of the various communication tools for the web community, audio-video streaming, online collaboration, wiki, social networking sites, and Rich Internet Applications.

Rich Internet Applications

Several new technologies that are much more advanced than the earlier are now used to create richer web content. Some of these technologies include OpenLaszlo, Flex, Adobe Flash, Ajax, and much more.

What Is AJAX?

The full form of AJAX is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. AJAX is the latest buzzword in the field of web 2.0 development. A few months back, it was mandatory for you to use page refresh in order to post data back to a web server. However, now with the advent of technologies like AJAX, you can replace and refresh the page by using CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and a client-side XML-HTTP-Request object. There are several websites that have used this technology to build innovative web-calendars and rich validation form. Some of the latest developments in this field include Ajax Feed Reader, Ajax Weather Forecast, etc.


When it comes to web 2.0 development, Wikis play an important role. There are mainly three types of Wikis that we have available today in the modern Internet-based world. The first type is Confluence, which is undoubtedly the most popular Java based Wiki. There is also a PHP based Wiki known as TikiWiki. It is simple but very powerful. Besides that, you also have MediaWiki, which is high-volume Wiki and is custom-designed.


No web 2.0 development story can be complete without the description of RSS. It basically refers to the family of web feed formats. Since their inception, they have been used in three standards – RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, and Really Simple Syndication. The different formats of RSS are specified in XML. An XML file is used to deliver the information. What we know today as RSS channel, RSS stream, webfeed, and RSS feed are all specified in XML files.


SOAP stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is a protocol that uses HTTP in order to exchange XML-based messages over a computer network. This way, this web 2.0 development tool actually provides a basic messaging framework in order to build the foundation layer of the Web services stack. There are many websites that are using the SOAP technology to develop a desktop application so that data could be pulled and submitted back to an online server.

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