The Importance Of PPC Tracking Tool

The Importance Of PPC Tracking Tool

PPC tracking is a very important tool for those who are running extensive pay per click advertising campaigns. Pay per click advertising methods have definitely emerged as a boon for the affiliate marketers. As per this method, they bid on certain keywords. In layman?s words, the advertisers purchase certain keywords with this hope that when the users search those keywords, the ads will get a guaranteed listing in the search results. This way, the advertising cost here completely depends on how many keywords you are bidding for and how much competition is associated with those keywords.

The 80-20 Rule

The PPC tracking tool can help you track the performance of the keywords. If you have already used some kind of pay per click advertisement, you probably know that there is always an 80-20 rule followed. It means that you bid for a much higher number of keywords but only 20%PRCTG% of the total number of keywords actually work and result in 80%PRCTG% of the eventual sales. Therefore, the idea here must be to concentrate only on those 20%PRCTG% of the keywords rather than wasting your money on rest of the 80%PRCTG% that are not producing good results. With the rapid popularity of the pay per click method, lots of PPC tracking tools have hit the market. Some of the big names in this regard include Google Adword tracker, Google Cash Automator, and Affiliate Radar.

Tracking Of Individual Keywords Is Important

Keyword research is important and does make the task much easier for you. But, no matter how thoroughly you have researched the keywords, you still need a PPC tracking tool to determine whether a specific keyword is performing well or not. Always remember that if you have not tracked the individual keywords thoroughly, even the best keyword research may not prove of much help for you.

The Best Tracking Tool

The Google Adword tracker is a good tool, but the problem with this PPC tracking tool is that it requires you to put a tracking code on the web page you want the search engine to redirect the traffic to. If it is your own website, you can place the code easily. However, if you are an affiliate marketer and selling products from ModernClick, Commission Junction, Clickbank or any other affiliate network, there is definitely no way out there to place the tracking codes on the sales pages.

Affiliate Radar Can Be A Good Option

Affiliate Radar is one of the latest innovations in PPC tracking tools. It can solve the problem, as it can generate unique tracking codes for each keyword. This individual tracking code is passed through the affiliate network. You can access the performance report of the keywords in the sales reports generated by the affiliate networks.

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