The Response Dynamite Review

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The Response Dynamite Review

How to build a customer list without selling your own product!

Do I think its worth the investment of Money? Yes

Do I think its worth the investment in Time? Yes, but you do need to be prepared to
actually invest your time because there is a load of content.

For some this will be its downfall. Why? Because its amazing how many people
buy stuff then NEVER Use, watch, listen or read it! If you are prepared to invest
some of your hard earned cash and your very valuable time, then this is worth every cent.

First thing you find inside the product is not the actual PDF which for me is a really
cool class in thinking outside the box, but the Affiliate 180 System Video. This is over
70 minutes where Joe presented at a seminar discussing how to make money as an affiliate.

If you are just starting out, its hard. Lets be honest here, making money online is not
actually hard in principle, but in practice it can be. Usually this is because people fail to take
action, or they just get caught up in the wheel of buying and not selling.

For the first 12 minutes or so of this video, Joe covers some real basics on where and how to
find affiliate products worth promoting.

Then he moves on to some advanced affiliate techniques that teach you how to profit more as
an affiliate and not always just benefit the vendor.

Now let me stop here for one moment and say this. Some of Joe’s techniques appear a little
black hat. In some essence they are, but when you look at the process of how and WHY
he sets up affiliate sites the way he does, you will see that his aim is to protect his hard work
and money promoting products where sometimes he has actually shown he lost commission
that he should not have.

In the video around the 30 minute mark, Joe shares a way to get sales as an affiliate that 90%
of affiliates either dont even think about, or just plain cannot be bothered to do. From experience,
this is one way to get sales that will amaze you.

What you learn in this video will show you that you can build a prospect list and a BUYERS list,
even though the product is not even yours to begin with, but doing so as an affiliate :)

There is much more inside the members area, but the main event is the actual PDF document
that runs to over 75 pages.

In the beginning, you will read about the 4 best methods that Joe has personally found to
create high converting front end sales. He goes into specifics of Real Time and Simulated Dime
Sales, the 30 Day Hold (or trial offers) and Coupon codes.

In the next section of the book, Joe talks about One Time Offers. Now many will feel this is
done to death, but the reality is that when we are long gone from this earth, this method will STILL
be working. It may have new spins and takes, but trust me, people will still be buying.

What I like in this section is that Joe talks about something that I have begun trialing myself (and it
makes your life MUCH easier too). I will not spill the full details here as that would be a little unfair
on those that have purchased, but it certainly cuts down your time and will let you focus on getting
it right much more easily.

The book has much more content, some of which cuts a nerve at times and will have a few white
hatters screaming to the hills. The thing here is to look beyond this and pick out the little gems
woven into this document that can really help you form your mindset and begin to really understand
the mechanics of selling.

This is often lost in the I.M field as thousands of people pile in each day on the promise of making
millions with a push button system. You need to understand how people think and triggers that gain
commitment to act.

If you are online to “learn stuff” then its great, I applaud you and you should be happy with spending
money without making any. But if your goal is to add security to your family and put money in your
pocket and food on the table, you need to learn the skillset of finding buyers and giving them what
they want/need.

Provide value, provide quality and remember to take care of your customers and you will do well.
I would say that this product will sit well on any virtual marketers shelf, and will help you learn a few
nuggets to keep close to hand.

Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? Interested in finding out more before you grab your copy?

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