Three Basic Free Traffic Generation Tips

Three Basic Free Traffic Generation Tips

Why are people desperately looking for free traffic generation tips? Because traffic spells money in online business! But, mind you; we?re talking about the right traffic to your site ? people who are interested in buying what you offer, not passer-bys who click on your website just to make use of their leisure.

We won?t bombard you with hundreds of free traffic generation tips. We?ll provide ONLY THREE tips. They are enough to bring you tons of traffic! So, are you ready to rake in the moolah? Here we go?

Write Articles

How many times have you heard about this? Probably a lot! And you?re gonna hear it again. This is because writing creative articles is one of the most effective free traffic generation tips anyone can give you. It really works! This is your path to reaching the first page of Google search results.

This is how you go about it: you write interesting content related to your business. Thereafter, you post them to article directories and ezines. At the end of each article, you?re permitted to place an author?s box, in which you write a good reason for visiting your website. Visitors read your articles and your author?s box. They click on your site URL. Congrats! You?ve already got targeted traffic flowing towards your site!

Keep on writing articles and you?ll keep on getting more such traffic. A hot tip to get your articles on the first page of popular search engine result is to keyword optimize your article?s title.

Joining Forums

One of the popular free traffic generation tips is to join forums that are directly related to your business. Generally, forums let you have a personal box, similar to author?s box that appears under your posts. You apply the same technique of attracting visitors to your website. Another hot tip is to search the forum for tough questions and give impressive answers to visitors? problems.

Creating Blogs

Out of all the free traffic generation tips, blogging is the latest and the trendiest. Search blogs associated with your market or create your own. One easy way to find the right blog is to type your niche and then the word ?blog?. Choose blogs that display a good readership. Posts your comments related to your niche on the blogs. At the end of each post, mention about your site furtively. Also, give a backlink to your website. Be subtle in promoting your site.

Want more of free traffic generation tips? Well, first try these three. You?ll be amazed at the results they bring! These are the fundamental techniques of attracting traffic to your site. If you carry them out correctly and cleverly, you may not even need more tips! So, get going…

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