Tips for Online Marketers

There is a global economic slowdown, and all businesses are being affected. Others are doing a lay-off on their employees, while some even shut down. Due to that, various problems arise and everyone is being affected. Before your business drops, you just have to deal with this smartly.

Tip 1: Customers normally will be begging for discounts for instance you are running a custom dress shirts online on the merchandise they intend to buy. Then customers will be begging you for a discount because of the large volume of dress shirts they ordered. Your approach on this is to never drop the prices down to avoid having trouble when rising it again. Customers will not be happy about it, and the tendency of loosing them is high. Just stick to your prices and instead of giving discounts, give them freebies like a free or extra mens dress shirts in their orders, or maybe offering them terms of payment. It’s up to you; just don’t bring your prices down.

Tip 2: Business marketers are not getting enough customers. You just need to double check everything. Are you getting a huge amount of traffic yet doesn’t have a customer? Check the details if your targets are correct by knowing if the interests are the same as yours. You might be getting in the wrong the way.

Tip 3: Another problem is on how you will make the people buy your products? You just need to have a point of differentiation, and not necessarily discounts. Just provide promotions like, “Flavors of the Month”, or a “New Product” campaign.

Tip 4: You are dealing too long with customers who never buy. Yes, these customers are your prospect customers, they may be irritating because they eat your time asking a lot of questions but in the end they will not buy. Try to get their attention to buy your items right away, like giving them a reward for a particular amount of purchase that they buy from you in a given period of time. This strategy will persuade them to buy right away.

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