Tips On Adsense Optimization

Tips On Adsense Optimization

People have used Adsense optimization techniques to improve click through rates and thereby increase their profits. Google, one of the most popular search engines has a highly successful Pay-Per-Click Advertisement system called Adsense. Webmasters can sign up for Adsense and place ads on their webpages. Each time a visitor to their website clicks on the ads the website owner earns a certain commission.

Successfully Adsense Optimize Your Website

You may wonder what Adsense optimization is? It is the reason why some websites rake in huge Adsense profits while others do not earn much.

The first step towards Adsense optimization is to search engine optimize your website. Search engine optimization is one way of ensuring more visibility and get more targeted traffic. Only when your traffic is heavy and highly targeted, will your click through rate improve.

In order to go about with Adsense optimization you need to do some research on keywords, those pay more per click and then create content based on those high paying keywords. Try using variations of the keywords you are interested in and even misspell the keywords if they give you a better commission.

You can use original, keyword rich content that is of good quality and have ads served that are relevant to the content on your webpages. Use METATITLES to describe each page, describe the keywords used in the Metatags and describe your page in the h1 Tags. When your website is optimized to drive heavy targeted traffic chances are that your click through rate also improves. Other Adsense optimization tips include placement of the ads, their color, their size and offering visitors a chance to search on Google directly from your website.

The ads are best placed on the middle and above the fold on the navigation bar. Such ads perform well. Medium rectangle and the skyscraper ads are those that draw the most clicks. Google Adsense offers four color schemes that webmasters can try out. However, it pays the best when the color scheme is the same as the rest of the webpage. Some people have had success in using complimentary color schemes; however, some have also paid a price for using garish color schemes that repel visitors inducing them to leave the website. Different color schemes and ad positions work for different kinds of websites. It is therefore recommended, that you experiment and determine which works best for your website. One other Adsense optimization tip is to use link units and to opt in for image ads. It also pays to place the ads closer to the content as it has been known to improve the click through rate. Content is king so ensure that your ads focus on the content. This will definitely improve your Adsense profits. Keep updating content and ensure that visitors keep returning to your website. Your content should hold and pique their interest.

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