Top Ways to Benefit from Social Bookmarking

It’s certainly no secret that online marketers have been using social bookmarking to create targeted traffic to their sites. In addition to building relationships, if you want, marketers put out good quality content to create a desire to visit their websites. Since these sites are all based on social communities, the best thing to do is provide content that a majority of them will like. The best part about using social bookmarking sites for your marketing needs is that the traffic you get from these sites is highly targeted, which means you will have a lot more conversions on your end. There are right, wrong, not so good, and the best way to go about writing your content and submitting it to these websites. Given below are a few effective tips that will help you on your road to social bookmarking success.

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A good place to start with your site, or blog, is to make it dead easy for your visitors to bookmark your site. This simply means you should give them various options to make this job easier. You can have a multi bookmarking widget on your site that helps people bookmark on different sites. You can have this widget either placed on the top of your article or on the bottom, which makes it easy for others to bookmark your page. The reason social bookmarking has grown so fast is because of the ease of bookmarking offered by websites. Web users can be a lazy bunch, so probably 99% of people would never do any manual bookmarking. If there’s an easy way to do something, you can bet they’ll choose the easy way. Don’t submit anything to social bookmarking sites before you’ve spellchecked it and proofread it for typos and other errors. Having any such errors will spoil your reputation and make visitors leave your site. You don’t want to make yourself look unprofessional. The subjects you decide to write about are important to consider, as some topics will be better received than others. The popularity of the topic is important, as even providing good information on an unpopular subject won’t help you. See what articles are widely read on the site before you write one yourself, so you’ll know what’s popular. Finally, you should have content on your own site that is related to the material you’ve submitted, as you can’t expect to get traffic forever from one article. You don’t want to have people come to your site only once, so give them a reason to return by posting articles related to the one that you submitted. This makes your visitors look beyond and go through the other areas of your site.

A new course is causing quite a buzz in the Internet Marketing community and you can find more information about it at this dosha showcase.

One good technique is to exchange bookmarks with other people on the site who are looking for bookmarks for their pages. There are sites that specialize in exchanging bookmarks, which you can find by doing a search on Google. Then you can either make an offer or respond to someone else’s offer to bookmark their pages while they bookmark yours. You can use this technique, which is something like a link exchange to gain lots of bookmarks. While there is nothing unethical about doing this, not everyone considers it strictly “white hat,” so be sure that anyone you discuss it with is going to be comfortable with it.

All in all, social bookmarking is being used by many online marketers and webmasters on a regular basis to get quality traffic coming their way. Always keep in mind that quality will win out over quantity in the long run. For your descriptions and headlines, make them right with uniqueness and interesting.

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