Track Your Efforts By Email Marketing Tracking

Track Your Efforts By Email Marketing Tracking

If you recall the management literature you have read, you will know that email marketing tracking is essential because you can?t manage something you don?t or can?t measure. It is essential to keep track whether your email marketing campaign is progressing or not if you hope to convert the effort you are putting in into money in the bank.

Don?t Bark Up The Wrong Tree

Unless you are tracking your email marketing efforts, you will never know whether you are proceeding in the right direction or you are just another page in the billions of pages in the cyber universe. Fortunately, since everything related to an email marketing initiative is digital, email marketing tracking is a fairly simple affair if you understand its importance and have taken the effort to buy, lease or build the right tools to do so.

Use Automated Methods

You are of course aware of the importance of a good auto-responder program for good email marketing tracking. A good auto-responder manages your email campaign effectively by keeping track of your leads and the promotional emails you are sending out. Since people will be joining and leaving your email lists every day, the auto-responder will need to manage these lists and keep a track of which mail has been sent to whom, what replies have come and what action needs to be initiated. Of course not all auto-responders are made equal. Different auto-responders have widely differing capabilities and costs vary as well.

Many auto-responders base their charges on the size of your email list, other on outright sales and so on. While revenue models may vary, you must be very careful about the capabilities you are buying because on these rest the efficiency of your email marketing tracking and the experience of your customers. Both are critical to the growth of your business.

Analyze Your Download Traffic

If you are offering visitors to your website e-books or whitepapers in an effort to gather addresses of people who are interested in your subject or service, a good email marketing tracking program can keep a record of which of your visitors is interested in which white paper or e-book and how many copies have been downloaded. This can tell you clearly if your promotional efforts are in the right direction and whether you should persist or make changes to your offerings.

Check The Fate Of Your E-Mails

If your email marketing tracking programs are able to tell you whether the mails you are sending out are being opened, you will be able to tell if your subject lines are compelling enough or if they are being rejected by spam checkers. Similarly, by tracking the clicks originating out of your email bodies, you will get valuable information about your effort.

Unless you put efficient email marketing tracking mechanisms in place, you will find yourself groping in the dark. Your chances of success will rise greatly if you are able to collect and analyze data on your marketing methods. An email marketing tracking program is an invaluable tool to do just that.

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