Various Techniques For Web 2.0 Promotions

Various Techniques For Web 2.0 Promotions

Web 2.0 has revolutionized the concept of online business. Web 2.0 promotion techniques enable you to expand the horizon of your business in a number of ways. The biggest advantage of these techniques is that most of them are completely free.

Most Common Web 2.0 Promotion Techniques And Their Advantages

Even if you don?t have any advertisement budget, you can improve your web-based business with the promotion techniques of Web 2.0, simply by using your creative talents and spending some time for the same. The most fundamental, effective, and virtually cost-free form of Web 2.0 promotion is blogging. It?ll cost you nothing to write informative and interesting blogs almost every other day for boosting the image of your product. You can post the blogs independently or as an addition to your website. You can also set up your website after you start blogging.

Blogging in some subjects will always attract more attention than in others and you will realize this very quickly as you receive comments and feedback. If you need quick response, you should offer free e-books containing information on your products or even a special report or a white paper. Short videos or audio books related to your products would be very useful and effective. The more you get involved in the online family and take part in forums and social networking site, the greater will be the number of people who will visit your site through your link. No other promotion effort would be needed.

Online Video

Use of online video is, perhaps, one of the most important and effective Web 2.0 promotion techniques nowadays. Its future growth and immense business potential can be gauged by the fact that Google has bought YouTube for %1.64 billion! The world has progressed technologically to such an extent that a video representation on your website is now feasible and very effective. The popularity of this medium can be gauged from the fact that certain YouTube video presentations attract nearly 10 million viewers. This concept is catching on and it?s likely to grow at a very fast pace. What better way can there be to propagate your message to the largest possible audience?

Online videos also are passed on from one person to the other, thus spreading like wildfire, especially if the video is of a very high standard and appeals to the viewers. Such videos might also get broadcast with proper recommendations to many friends, if you are linked up with big social sites like MySpace. Web 2.0 promotions become more effective with online videos that have been recommended by your friends, as the viewer would already have been pre-programmed to accept the product being advertised.

With a limitless potential for spreading your message across to consumers, online video can be the most effective tool of Web 2.0 promotion. Moreover, the Search engines have now been programmed in such a way that the words that are used in the video appear in the website in the same way as keywords are found.

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