Video Marketing Basics – A Few Facts

Video Marketing Basics – A Few Facts

Everybody seems to be eager to learn a few video marketing basics as the buzz is that it is one of the most effective ways to improve traffic as well as the conversion rate. Almost any successful online business seems to have achieved success on account of a carefully planned and executed video marketing strategy. Viral video marketing has been a major reason for traffic explosion beyond expectations.

An Inexpensive And Highly Effective Method

People operating online must take time to learn video marketing basics and understand the impact it can have on their business. There have been a few websites that have made interesting videos, distributed them to free video upload sites such as YouTube, Metcafe, Veoh etc. The videos were made without spending a lot of money; many were shot using a basic digital camera costing them under %100! The results were almost instantaneous with traffic increasing almost overnight and the conversion rate was astounding too.

If you run an online business, the best way you can market is by using short, relevant and informative videos. The video must have a definite and compelling call to action message and must provide users with something of value. One of the important video marketing basics that have to be adhered to is to keep the video short. It must be made available in various formats such being viewable using QuickTime, Real Video or Windows Media Player. It will be an added advantage if the video is made available in both low and high fidelity. Low fidelity videos are faster to load and as we all know people have short attention spans and if a video took forever to load they may just not wait around to watch the video. Be very sure to have your website?s name displayed prominently in website branding. The video must have information relevant to your business and you can use humor too, as people will appreciate a video that is informative yet witty. It will be to your advantage to enable them to download the videos as it can be a potent viral video marketing technique. It is up to you to understand video marketing basics and to apply it correctly. In no time you will witness a marked improvement that not only drives traffic, enhances conversion rates but also gives your website a distinct identity of its own. You can keep changing the videos that you display on your website compelling visitors to keep returning to your site to watch more of them.

If you are familiar with video marketing basics you must definitely start using video marketing techniques. It is still a relatively new concept that not many have caught on to, so while others are blissfully using SEO techniques and link building, you can also apply video marketing basics that you are familiar with to promote your online business in an effective and highly reliable manner.

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