Viral Video Marketing – A Most Effective Strategy

Viral Video Marketing – A Most Effective Strategy

Viral video marketing is a hot topic that evokes interest in people who wish to promote their online presence. Have you ever come across a video clip perhaps an advertisement that you found hilarious and decided to mail its links to all your friends? Well, you just indulged in viral video marketing; the video is so compelling that it spreads like wild fire with the least effort on the part of its creator.

Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Websites

People are slowly becoming aware of the fact that the best internet marketing strategy is turning out to be viral video marketing. Some online businesses go to great lengths to produce professionally made viral videos that they later distribute to free video hosting websites as well as to social networking portals. The videos have something that compels viewers to promote them. Some are ultra hilarious, some are graphically shocking, some are very informative yet they all have one thing in common, viewers just want to share the video with their friends. Another factor that makes them popular is the ability for the viewers to comment about the videos. Many viewers have even got into heated discussions with other viewers generating more interest in the video.

Viral video marketing is effective in driving traffic to the website, promotes link building and is extremely useful in generating leads. A relatively unknown website can become one of the most popular ones within a short span of time if they use an appropriate viral video. The video can be promotional but not overtly so as people in general do not respond well to sales pitches unless it is extraordinarily good.

Viral video marketing can drive highly targeted traffic to the websites if the videos have been search engine optimized with appropriate keywords and tags. Another secret is to get them to be social media optimized too when you intend to distribute them to social networking sites. This makes these viral videos visible to the users of that community. These videos have links that lead back to the website thereby promoting the website building links and helping search engine optimization.

There are video hosting websites that allow users to upload videos and check the number of times it has been viewed as well as its click through rate. Viral video marketing tests have proved that certain videos created in an amateur fashion have been viewed as many as 300,000 times in a couple of months with pretty good click through rates. Most of its viewers had also subscribed to the website?s free newsletter generating quite a few valid leads.

Certain factors have to be considered if you are planning a viral video marketing campaign. The videos have to be concise. They must be funny, shocking or provocative. Try and use all these categories to create different viral videos that can appeal to various cross-sections of people.

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