Web 2.0 Advantages – You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Web 2.0 Advantages – You Cannot Afford To Ignore

The proponents of web 2.0 are talking about web 2.0 advantages and how it is the next best thing after the Dot Com explosion. However, before we get into the advantages associated with web 2.0, let us briefly discuss what web 2.0 is all about. In very simple term, web 2.0 allows visitors to actively participate with the sites they are visiting. They are no longer mute spectators. Sites like, MySpace and FaceBook are good example of web 2.0 technology.


One of the main web 2.0 advantages is the freedom of communication that it offers. People can communicate with people from all over the world by actively putting forth their ideas and receiving information from other parties. Such free flow of ideas and that to on such a massive scale has never been seen before. Web 2.0 has made internet a truly democratic system as far as communication is concerned.

Better Decision Making

Web 2.0 allows for better decision making by providing more information to the decision maker. As an owner of online business you can receive feedback from your employees, customers, and others related to your field. With so much information in front of you, you will obviously make an informed decision. You can incorporate the feedback from your customers to improve your products and services. This is one of the web 2.0 advantages that you and your business will definitely benefit from.

Advantages For Businesses

Traditional businesses simply cannot afford to overlook web 2.0. There are many web 2.0 advantages that businesses can benefit from.
? Web 2.0 will improve the effectiveness of core enterprise applications.
? It improves sales and sales strategies. Sales improve because you get more targeted traffic and you are able to build a loyal relationship with your existing customers. Your sales strategies improve because you get important feedback from your customers and colleagues.
? Social networking can be used to improve and increase information sharing between workers. This will also improve worker satisfaction.
? Semantic tagging technologies offered by web 2.0 improve navigation of internal and external information overload.
? If you have a new product in market, you can use web 2.0 to gather feedback. Web 2.0 will shorten the time taken to develop a product.
? One of the web 2.0 advantages is that it allows businesses to target specific markets. In other words, it allows for precision marketing of your products.
? It offers various media, like blogs, videos, chat rooms, websites, etc. to help market your products and services.

Web 2.0 technologies will definitely have an impact on today?s business world. This can be gauged by the fact that more and more web 2.0 sites are coming up. Large businesses like Microsoft and Google are already making use of web 2.0. Now, can you afford to remain oblivious to web 2.0 advantages?

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