Web 2.0 Tactics – Use Them To Build Your Business

Web 2.0 Tactics – Use Them To Build Your Business

Using web 2.0 tactics to improve traffic to your website and to improve sales is easy. Web 2.0 technologies are very user friendly and easy on the pocket. So you do not need to have extensive training to use web 2.0. To a beginner names like Wiki, blogs, RSS, AJAX, and mashups might sound very technical and confusing. However, once you get down to it, they will all become clear to you.

Simple Proposition

If you want your web 2.0 site to be successful, you must make a very strong and simple proposition to your visitors. The proposition should not just benefit you; it should have some value for the visitors also. One of your aims for using web 2.0 tactics is that you want people spread the word about your product and services. To accomplish this you need to incorporate ways to share your emails, blogs, RSS, widgets, IM, and SMS with other visitors. Invite friends and families to your blogs or sites. This will help to spread your network. The larger your network, the more people will know about your products and services.

According to web 2.0 tactics your site should be continuously evolving. For that you would need to do research and develop on a continuous basis. You can have a dialogue box on your site. This will allow users to communicate with you and give you invaluable feedback. You need to monitor the ways people use your site. You can then use this information to improve your site.


If you have a blog or a site, you must offer a platform for advertisers. Web 2.0 tactics dictate that through your community you can put advertisers in touch with the right market. Place advertisements related to your topic. For example, if your site is offering pet related information, you can have advertisements relating to pet products on your site. This will help those sites get the targeted traffic that they need and you in turn will earn from that as well. You can also do your bit by creating opportunities for advertisers to communicate with the users with the help of web 2.0 technologies.

Information Flow

One of the web 2.0 tactics states that you must let the inside information flow out and outside information flow in. You can use widgets and RSS to have your competitors? news on your site. Remember that potential customers will be looking at your competitors? products and prices anyway. When you offer them that information you help build trust and confidence with your potential customers. And this might just tilt them over to your side. When you let the information flow out, you allow the users to do the marketing for you and this helps you get more customers.

Web 2.0 tactic are all about doing business in a new way. Businesses are catching up to the idea. As an online business you must benefit from it before it evolves into something new.

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