Website Search Engine Optimization – Get Higher Page Rank For Your Small Business

Website Search Engine Optimization – Get Higher Page Rank For Your Small Business

Effective and correct website search engine optimization is essential for every website that wants to get a higher page rank so that it can attract more and more web traffic of visitors. If you run a small business and have an official website as well, you already have an edge over those who are running a business but do not have an effective online presence. However, if you want to make the best use of your better position, it is very important for you to properly optimize your website for search engines. It will help you get higher ranks in the results of a search engine whenever a user searches for the relevant product or service that you are promoting. Following are some of the basic but proven ways to achieve effective optimization.

Content Is The King

Always remember that when it comes to accomplishing successful website search engine optimization of a website, fresh and original content is the king. You have to develop the content of your site not only for the human readers but also for the search engine spiders. If you are using duplicate content, you are not only cheating the visitors, but you are also doing you substantial harm to your own website. The search engine spiders simply hate duplicate contents and they may even punish you for it by banning your website from showing into the search results. Duplicate content is allowed as far as you have paid for it and now it is 100%PRCTG% yours to copyright. But again, make sure that other websites are not already using the same content.

Understanding Links

The key to successful website search engine optimization lies in how are you using the links. Always remember that outgoing links are bad and incoming links are good. However, internal linking of the pages with each other is very useful and most search engine spiders like this. It is always better to use hyper linked keyword phrases that point to other pages on your website. Not only the human readers on your site will enjoy such thing, but the search engines will also be happy about that.

The Density Of The Keyword

Developing keyword rich content is good as long as you have taken care of the keyword density in a proper way. The best strategy for website search engine optimization is to use 2%PRCTG%-3%PRCTG% keyword density per page. It means that if you are having an article of 500 words on a page, make sure that the primary and the secondary keywords have not been used for more than 15 times. However, 5-8 times is recommended. The larger keyword density indicates some type of spamming, which search engines do not like.

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