Whats The Secret Behind A Good SEO Ranking

What’s The Secret Behind A Good SEO Ranking?

Anyone who is involved in doing SEO has often wondered what the secret is to get a good SEO ranking. Website optimization itself involves a number of different techniques and strategies, many of which take a lot of time and effort. Wouldn’t it just be easier to find out what makes those search engines tick? Unfortunately, when it comes to the search engines, the system isn’t that easy to beat.

SEO Science

To understand SEO ranking better, it helps to put yourself in the shoes of the search engines. While Google is still the kingpin, there are a number of different search engines available out there. So what makes a good search engine? One that gives the user relevant results- if you type in shoes and get nothing but spam sites, chances are that you won’t use that search engine again. This is a loss not only for the search engine, but also for the relevant sites that remain hidden in the results. In the past, the search engines had a lot of problems with sites over-stuffing their pages with keywords and spammers.

Today, search engines use algorithms to determine a site’s SEO ranking – each search engine has its own unique algorithm designed by a team of computer engineers. Those sites that use unethical practices are immediately blacklisted. This is pretty much the death knell for any website- if you can’t be indexed by the search engines, nobody will know you are out there. If you think that all you need to do is crack the algorithm to fix your rankings, think again. It’s not as easy as it sounds- a more effective option would be to work on your optimization techniques.

The Straight And Narrow

If you have hired a company to improve your SEO ranking for you, make sure that you know what they are doing. A number of SEO consultants often resort to illegal practices to get the job done. If your SEO consultant won’t share his optimization strategies with you, then you’d better start looking for another consultant.
In basic terms, you can improve your SEO ranking by concentrating on link building, index inclusion and coverage as well as web page optimization. Remember that while your site needs to be keyword enriched, it shouldn’t be overstuffed. The content should be relevant with the keywords and key-phrases placed in the right areas. Studies have shown that sites that are regularly updated with unique and relevant content rank consistently higher on the search engines.

The bottom line is that when it comes to search engine rankings, it’s better to leave the algorithms to the experts. Trying to crack them will take up valuable time and money; aside from that, the algorithms tend to change periodically. To boost your SEO ranking, it makes more sense to concentrate on other optimization strategies.

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