Why Is Video Email Marketing So Popular

Why Is Video Email Marketing So Popular?

Video email marketing has made it possible for online businesses to promote their products/services in an effective and inexpensive manner. The marketing world rejoiced when email marketing created a revolution of sorts and now they have found an even more effective manner of promoting their business- using video emails.

Video Email Marketing Is Easy

Most online businesses offer an opt-in feature that enables visitors to receive the latest news as well as emails about their product launches, discount sales etc. Online as well as offline businesses are catching on to a new fad, video email marketing. They have many firms offering video email services and many firms even offer a free trial period. Such service providers make it easy for them to stream videos from their websites or in emails. The videos emails are embedded and streamed directly from the firm?s servers.

Clients love to use video email service providers as they do not have to worry about exceeding their bandwidth or worry about using codec or players. They need not worry about sending thousands of emails with big attachments. In fact, they can choose to send video emails in various bandwidths. Video email marketing has emerged as one of the most successful marketing strategies. Instead of sending out mundane text based emails which can bore customers, you now have the option of sending them a visual and audio experience that can convey the same information in just a couple of minutes!

You can use video email marketing to promote products/services, or use it to send a thank-you message, or can also include a ?how to? demo of a new product that may tempt them to buy it. The one factor that you must keep in mind is the CAN-SPAM Act and the Fair Use doctrine.

Video email marketing is preferred by many as it offers them many advantages. Video emails are easy to create and send, in fact many service providers offer to notify each time an email has been viewed or forwarded. You get a better chance to get your message across rather than when you send a text-only email. The services are relatively cheap, ensuring that you get to send video emails and not worry about the associated expenses.

If you wish to try video email marketing, you need to ensure that the mail has links leading back to your website and offers customers a chance to subscribe to your newsletters. This will come in handy, should your recipients forward the email to their relatives and other contacts. Do keep the emails intriguing, create them in such fashion that they pique the viewers, making them click on the links to your website in order to learn more about the product/service. They must include a call to action message and one that urges them to act fast. With a good video and a well planned marketing strategy, your business will improve definitely within a short span of time.

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