Why To Use Application Hosting: Advantages Of Hosted Quickbooks And Tax Software Hosting

Today, the objectives of a business are to gain a competitive advantage, capture a higher market share, increase productivity and achieve operational excellence. To achieve these objectives technology is the platform where all the businesses are focusing on by aligning their processes, reduce manpower requirement and enabling automation etc to achieve a higher return on investment.

Application hosting and managed IT support are major contributors in achieving operational excellence for businesses. QuickBooks Hosting, Peachtree Hosting, tax software hosting and ACT! Software hosting are a few examples of the application hosting wherein an application service provider installs and runs the accounting applications on terminal servers hosted with the service provider. The fundamental question that businesses asks me regularly is that they are doing well to manage their accounting and bookkeeping manually without these hosted services, so why to migrate to an external service provider. Before asking this question let us take a look at what businesses are missing on without the application hosting services like QuickBooks hosting, Peachtree hosting and tax software hosting.

Accounting application hosting like Peachtree hosting, Hosted QuickBooks and other tax software hosting can help you reap huge business benefits. The major advantages of using application hosting services are

1. Mobility: Most of the accounting softwares like QuickBooks, MyOb, and Peachtree etc are desktop applications that can be accessed only in a LAN environment. This means that you can only access your accounting files on your laptop or desktop or only in your office where your local file server is. Hosted Applications allows you to access your hosted files from anywhere anytime. This gives you a more flexible environment to work in as well as high mobility as you can work while you are at your home or office or are traveling. The ultimate benefit is increased productivity for your business.

2. Managed IT Support: maintaining your IT infrastructure is a highly cost sensitive process wherein one have to constantly upgrade his hardware, softwares, operating system etc. Its better to outsource your troubleshooting and support services to an application hosting provider. They provide a 24*7*365 support for all IT pain areas like installation, troubleshooting, integration etc.

3. Real time collaboration: Tax software hosting and QuickBooks hosting allows you to collaborate with others in a multiuser environment. This means that all your staff can collaborate in real time and work on the same file from anywhere possible. The objective is to cut down the personnel cost of your business process .Businesses definitely save a lot by outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping process. Also accounting professionals can increase their customer base with the help of QuickBooks hosting and tax software hosting.

4. Data security: Data security is one of the most crucial components and APPLICATION HOSTING PROVIDER understands the clients concern. Application hosting providers have data centers with Raid mass storage system which ensures that no data is lost and there is no interruption in the service. Also daily backups ensure that the data is safe. User management rights with password protection ensure the accessibility only to authorized employees.

5. Reduction in cost: The cost for tax software hosting and accounting software hosting is based on a monthly fee. As an SMB your cost are greatly reduced as there is no need for hardware upgrades, storage upgrade and even software upgrade. All the support services like IT helpdesk, backups, installations, trouble shooting are provided by tax software hosting solutions provider on a monthly fee basis.

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